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CWDSEO's team will connect every product in your eCommerce website to to increase sales on new and used products. Not only will your eCommerce website generate sales on new products but now you can list used products with your eBay product listings. Streamlining your eCommerce website with eBay is one of our many great services provided to our clients. Call CWDSEO today for more information about our eBay product integration services.

eBay services for you.

It’s tempting to focus solely on your WooCommerce store rather than expand to other marketplaces.  You can retain control, connect with people who love your products, and not worry about additional fees and third parties.

But you’re missing out!  

Using marketplaces like eBay in addition to your eCommerce store allows you to reach audiences you may not otherwise access and build an additional revenue stream. Plus, they offer tools that are particularly useful to new store owners.

Why You Should Use eBay

1. Reach a built-in audience.  

It can take time to find an audience online, especially if you’re a new store.  It requires spending time and money on marketing, developing content, and building a reputation. Utilizing a platform like eBay that already has a built-in audience can help you start creating a customer base and making money right away.

More than 250 million searches are performed on eBay every single day so make sure you’re still able to reach those customers! eBay ranks as #2 eCommerce marketplace in the world and is another great reason to sell on eBay. 

Since your audience is already shopping on those platforms, it can be easier to reach them than with a brand-new website.  The people that find your products on eBay are also searching for exactly what you have to offer, so they’re more likely to make a purchase than a cold lead that you reach through advertising.

Why encourage customers who might otherwise shop on your eCommerce store to purchase a product on a platform that charges fees? Because, in many cases, they’re two entirely different audiences.

2. Add an additional stream of income.  

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, recommends building multiple sources of income to increase overall revenue and help mitigate risk. It can also be faster to create multiple, smaller streams of income than one large stream.

There are a variety of ways that you could use additional income:

  • Pay off business debts
  • Save up for a major business purchase, like equipment or a new facility
  • Invest in more inventory to fulfill wholesale orders
  • Hire a new employee

Keep in mind that your margins will be lower on income that you make through eBay due to the seller’s fees.

3. Take advantage of additional tools.  

eBay comes with tools that are especially helpful if you’re just starting out, such as:  

  • Shipping calculators. eBay provides shipping calculators that help you determine the correct shipping rates to charge. For example, when listing a product on eBay, you can add the weight and dimensions, then compare shipping rates across carriers and methods.
  • Price recommendations. It can sometimes be hard to figure out the right pricing for your products. For many product categories, eBay provides pricing recommendations based on recently sold items that are like yours. Of course, you can also search sold items to see even more data and filter based on condition, model number, etc. to find the closest match. 
  • Shipping discounts. eBay has negotiated shipping rates with major carriers. You can save up to 25% by shipping through their platform and print discounted labels for your packages.  
  • Advertising opportunities. While you can instantly connect your eCommerce store with Google AdsFacebook, and other platforms, advertising on eBay comes with its own set of benefits. eBay Promoted Listings help your products stand out amongst your competitors’, and you only pay if your item sells. 

4. eBay has your back.  

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon provide seller protection that help you handle unfair claims and unpaid items. 

  • Unpaid items. If a customer doesn’t pay for your item, simply file an Unpaid Item Case and eBay will refund the fees that you paid and allow you to relist the item.
  • Shipping protection. If a buyer claims that they didn’t receive your item, eBay will stand by you if your tracking information shows that it was shipped on time and delivered.
  • Returns. If a customer returns an item, eBay requires that it arrive in its original condition. If all parts aren’t included or if the item arrives damaged, sellers can refund part of the order instead of the full amount.

eBay also offers a variety of settings that you can turn on to protect yourself. For example, you can require immediate payment via PayPal or only allow buyers that have no history of unpaid item cases to purchase your products. 

5. Many customers use marketplaces to check product prices.  

More customers are starting their product search on eBay for many distinct products. Even if customers purchase your product from your website, they often check the price on eBay first.

And if your product isn’t there? A customer may decide not to purchase or may even purchase a competitor’s product that they find on eBay.

6. Customers immediately trust the platforms.  

Soliciting first-time purchases can be tough if you’re a new business, only located in a specific region, or don’t have brand recognition.  Customers need to feel comfortable giving you their personal information (payment info, address, email, etc.) and money. This level of trust can take time to build! 

But many of your potential customers recognize and trust eBay. They already shop there and have an account that makes checking out fast and easy.  And there’s a certain level of security that many people have knowing that eBay has their backs, too.  

Get Started with eBay

We’ve made it easy to connect your online store so let CWDSEO build you a custom WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Store.

Not only is setup straightforward,

  • Lists all the products on your WooCommerce store on eBay
  • Creates new eBay listings individually or in bulk
  • Links existing eBay products to items on your WooCommerce store
  • Sets pricing rules, fulfillment rules, and product details for Amazon and eBay listings based on existing WooCommerce products
  • Syncs inventory, orders, pricing, and product details in real-time

Allow (CWDSEO) to connect you with eBay marketplaces. Then bulk list all your existing products on our eBay channels! 

Think of eBay as tools that can help expand reach beyond your eCommerce store. While you’ll make the most profit and have the highest level of control on a platform you own, these marketplaces are a fantastic way to find customers, build a reputation and eventually, attract a loyal following from repeat purchasers!

Begin the process today by contacting CWDSEO.

Our eBay services include:

Lists all of the products on your WooCommerce store on ebay

Creates new ebay listings individually or in bulk

Links existing ebay products to items on your WooCommerce store

Sets pricing rules, fulfillment rules, and product details for ebay listings based on existing WooCommerce products

Syncs inventory, orders, pricing, and product details in real-time



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