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CWDSEO's team will connect every product in your eCommerce website to to increase sales. Not only will your eCommerce website generate sales on new products but now you can list used products with your Walmart product listings. Streamlining your eCommerce website with Walmart is one of our many great services provided to our clients. Call CWDSEO today for more information about our Walmart product integration services.

Walmart Integration Services

It’s tempting to focus solely on your WooCommerce store rather than expand to other marketplaces.  You can retain control, connect with people who love your products, and not worry about additional fees and third parties.

But you’re missing out!  

Using marketplaces like Walmart in addition to your eCommerce store allows you to reach audiences you may not otherwise access and build an additional revenue stream. Plus they offer tools that are particularly useful to new store owners.

Walmart Marketplace is said to amount a yearly revenue of 500.34 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2018. Attracting a total of 304.14 million visitors, Walmart marketplace continues to strengthen up its position in the league. This figure counts to “over 110 million unique visitors a month (and growing)”.

Begin the process today by contacting CWDSEO.

Our Walmart Services Include:

Completing the WooCommerce Walmart Product Integration

bulk-uploads your WooCommerce listings to Walmart

Centrally list, sync, and manage orders, cancellations, and other updates from an admin panel within WooCommerce

review the status of uploaded products on Walmart whether they are published or have any errors to fix.

Sets pricing rules, fulfillment rules, and product details for ebay listings based on existing WooCommerce products

Syncs inventory, orders, pricing, and product details in real-time

Keep a check on the product and inventories between your WooCommerce store and Walmart with the help of regular and real-time synchronization

Submit product fulfillment and shipment details to Walmart so buyers can easily track their orders

Save Money and live Better with Walmart Marketplace

Selling on Walmart:

Raise your possibility of acquiring a merchant account and sell on Walmart marketplace. Ensure that you have some acceptable product identifiers which include- GTIN, UPC, EAN, ISBN and ISSN.

Walmart Marketplace presents a great opportunity for multi-channel retailers looking for more flexibility and reach. Amazon and eBay sellers should consider joining Walmart Marketplace as soon as possible, while there is still relatively little marketplace competition.

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